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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Penilaian Standard 5

That was the year when the peperiksaan Penilaian Standard 5 was introduced. Apparently, the answers; which is a multiple choice, will be corrected by the computer; somethng big back then. So I went through the first ever Peperiksaan Penilaian Darjah 5 - and this was 1967.

My name had always been first in the list - according to the alphabet, even though there were altogether 3 Abdul Azizs' in my class (including me) - the other 2 are Abdul Aziz Shukor and Abdul Aziz Md Zain. It was also the first time that we came to know about such pencil called 2B; never knew that there are other kinds of pencil prior to this. Armed with 2 2B pencils and an eraser, we went through the first ever 'big' examination. There were altogether 4 papers. I only remember Bahasa Melayu and English. After a few weeks, the results were announced through the school.

What did I got? E C D C. I remembered the E was for Bahasa Melayu; and remembered very well about how Cikgu Rokiah taunted and teased me the whole day about how stupid I am getting an E for Bahasa Melayu. What can I say! I could not remember for what were the C, the D and the other C. Couldn't believe my eyes, by then during that time, nobody cares what I got anyway! But I did realised something, since my answer script was on top of the batch (name being first); it was like all crumpled up, maybe due to carelessness of the machine operators handling the answer scripts feeding them into the computers! I was guessing. The answer scripts were shown to us then; so my results could have been 'all wrong'! Anyway, can we go back to check or review on these answer scripts all the way back to 1967? There was no UPSR then. BUT I scored 'distinctions' for both my 'Bahasa Malaysia' subjects for LCE and MCE examinations (Best Student for Bahasa Malaysia at Cheras Road School) ?!?!


Anonymous said...

Are these life experiences of Awaludin Jadid or compilations from people of Senaling?


... these are not life experiences of Awaludin Jadid; nor it is a compilations of any sort! This is 'my' life history ...

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