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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Duman - The Coconut Tree Climber

Coconut trees in the village are mostly very high and matured. These trees were normally planted whenever a child is born. The coconut tree symbolises the age of child. However, no matter how high these coconut trees are, they still bear good fruits. Most of the fruits would normally riped and drop onto the ground, where we will then pick it up to eat (grate them to make coconut milk for cooking or to make cooking oil).

Every time anyone needs to bring down more coconut fruits; especially when we need the 'not-so-ripe' fruit or the young ones (for drinking), we have always relied on 'Pak Cik Duman' to get them on top of the tree for us. He would come, climb on the tree to the top, choose the fruits that we want him to pluck and drop them down to the ground for us to gather. The young ones must not be dropped, as if it dropped that high, it will break and the juice would pour out; 'Pak Cik Duman' would carefully bring them down with him - an act and skill nobody else have!

Whenever you need lots and more coconut fruits than you have, the person to call to get them coconuts has always been 'Pak Cik Duman'. After his work is done, you can either pay him some money for his effort or he may also be compensated with some coconut fruits that he would take home. I know of no other coconut tree climber as good and as skillful as 'Pak Cik Duman'.

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