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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alang Udin and Kak Long Maznah

This is the first ever love story that I have ever known. Nothing serious, but exchanging of letters and glancing on the dark kind of love. Alang Udin was in Form V, in Tuanku Muhammad School, ultimate dream was to be a fighter pilot with TUDM.

One fine day, Alang Udin ask me to deliver a letter to Kak Long Maznah in Ulu Naling. Without knowing anything, I delivered the letter and hence start the love story. A few days after, Kak Long Maznah would then reply and the letter was once again passed through me; since Kak Long Maznah and me goes to religious school together. More letters changed hands thereafter and when it came to the knowledge of Kak Ngah Zainab; Alang Udin's elder sister, she was furious, however what can anyone do when hearts are in love, and so the love story continues, with me being the 'delivery boy'.

After a while, the love story kind of faltered. From frequent letters, it drops to one a week and thereafter it got no letters exchange no more. At last, came the 'dear john' letter and it was written in red ink. Alang Udin explain to me that ink colours in letters denotes expression of feelings. Then only I learned that red means 'hate' or 'I don't want you anymore' or 'anger'. So the letters stops and alas the love story ends. Then Kak Long Maznah was not her normal self and were sometimes hysterical (some people even thought she was crazy) - could the ending of the love has anything to do with it? Nobody knows!

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