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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gomok - the School Bus Driver

The Eng Giap Bus that ply the Kuala Pilah - Senaling route also provides a special school bus to take us to and from school daily. The driver has always been 'Gomok'. He will pick us up from the village centre and takes us to school every morning; and takes us back from school in Kuala Pilah to Senaling in the afternoon (for the morning session) and repeats this for the afternoon session school children.

Those that stays further than Senaling, would normally takes the last bus to Tampin (a lot further than Senaling); which is normally timed as soon as the school finished in the late evening. There was once (the afternoon session); one of the child misses the Tampin bound bus and was crying as he would not have any other way of going back. Knowing this, Gomok makes sure that he got all Senaling bound school children passengers on the bus and speed to catch the Tampin bound bus. As he normally drops the children on the way, this time he doesn't! He sped all the way to make sure that he catches the Tampin bound bus; got the bus a few miles after Senaling and make sure the child gets on his Tampin bound bus.

On his way back, then only he started to drop the other school children one by one at their normal stops (but only on the way back to Kuala Pilah). He made sure that the boy got on the Tampin bound bus! What a kind hearted man to do such a thing; and this happens not only once, but several times. When we were in this situation, we would enjoy it as we get to stay on the bus longer than we normally would. But that deed done by the school bus driver, Gomok, something that I will never ever forget; not even until now!

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Anonymous said...

I remember Gomok. I love him too.