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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ngaie (Fishing)

Fishing started at the age of 9 (standard 3). Our fishing rod is a small bamboo about 5 to 6 feet long. We get the strings (tali tangsi) from the local shop. To complete the fishing rod, we would also have fishing tackle (mato kaie) attached at the end of the string; where we would pierce earthworms into it and offer it to the fish as bait. In order for the earthworm not reach the bottom of the water, we got ourself a float (white core extracted from tapioca branch) tied and attached to the string ensuring the tackle (with the earthworm) will not reach the bottom and the bait will be seen by the fish. When the equipments are ready, we will now be off to 'poie ngaie' (go fishing) - from the word "pergi mengail/memancing".

There are a few 'bondas' (small streams) where we can cast our fishing rod. One of my favourite place was under the small bridge near our village on the road to Sri Menanti. On my first fishing trip, I caught 6 ikan puyus (anabas testudineus). It was the the most wonderful moments that I cherished till today and never forgotten. I was fishing was Enaa (Zainal Kidam). On the way back, stopping at his house, he offered to change my 6 'ikan puyus' for 3 'ikan haruans' (channa striata); as he keep and rear the 'ikan puyus'. I happily agreed and we exchanged, as the 'ikan haruan' was bigger. Exchanging the 6 'ikan puyu' into 3 'ikan haruan' looks like a good bargain. Took it home and 'Kak Ngah', cooked it for dinner.

From that day, we have many many more enjoyable trips to 'poie ngaie' at different 'bondas' near our house. There were times when we venture a bit further to 'Ulu Senaling' following the meandearing small stream ('kehulu') upstream on the vast padi fields.