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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cinta Monyet (Puppy Love)

Up to the age of 12, I was already involved with 3 girls. Most of the girls from the village went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Senaling, (situated on the way to Bemban, after the 'Balai Raya') the only school in the village. However, I went to Tunku Munawir School, an English school in Kuala Pilah (4 km away from home). As such I hardly mix with them during school, but only during 'religious classes' in the evenings.

During religious classes at the 'surau', my friends paired me with Mariah Maulud - just for the sake of pairing only. It all started from small teases and grew into 'your girlfriend' - 'my girlfriend' thingy! No love letters exchange, no sweaty palms, no hand holdings; just pure glancing in the dark thing! We never sit and talk either, however the love blooms much much later. When I was in college and she was in her nursing college in Johor, we used to exchange letters and would talk on the telephone sometimes. Thereafter, we went our separate ways. She passed away a few years ago. The other girl that I was paired with was Rosnah Jadid. But to her, our relationship was just pure talk and glancing in the dark.

The other girl that I was associated with was Iyang. I never knew her real name and have actually never met her before. While riding our bicycles to Ulu Senaling, we sometimes waved at the girls across the 'padi' fields. This one particular slim girl used to wave back and smile more towards me; and as such the boys paired me with her and started teasing about our relationship (which we never had). Met her many years later (thought it was her), walking down the road to the village centre with her husband. We smiled at each other and acknowledged our 'past relationship' and then walk on!

What loving relationships we have in the 'kampong'. At the age of 13, I moved to live with my parents in Kuala Lumpur.