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Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Day of School

Could not remember the date that I first enrol into Tunku Munawir School in Kuala Pilah in 1963. I was sent to school by Ulong Leman with Atuk Usop tagging along. I was placed in Standard 1C, my teacher was Mr Baskaran - a fierce looking state football player. My class was the end of the block next to the canteen. Of the first day, I carried my school bag, made of rattan with a long handle, for easiness of carrying them around; together with a bottle of tea (in a Green Spot bottle).

It was the day when some of classmate were crying their hearts out not to be left in school alone or the day when some of your classmates pee in the classroom. We were first taught to stand next to our tables and greet 'Good Morning Sir' to be done every time we come to school every morning. The second thing that I learned was how to ask permission to go to the toilet. We were made to memorise "Please Sir, may I go out?". Being scared and ashamed to ask, but feeling my kidney bloating and seeking courage to go to the toilet, I managed to utter those words to Mr Baskaran; and what a relieve.

By the end of the first day, we were all released from class - there was no such thing as security or 'who's picking you up' then. You finish school, you go home - find your own way. I walked out of the class, followed everybody else through the gate and out into the waiting buses, bicycles, motorcycles and cars. There at the end of the road, under the soft rain drizzling, I saw my Atuk Usop waiting for me with an umbrella covering him from the soft rain. We took the bus home.

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