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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Main Getah

As most other boys our age then, playing various game versions with rubber bands is one of the main game that we enjoyed. There are many versions of these rubber band games. I remembered Ena used to win a lot of these rubber bands and in order to keep it safe, he would put it in a closed can and bury the can in the ground around his house. He once showed me - digging it out from the ground and display his prowess of having lots and lots of rubber bands that he had won from games (including those played with us).

The easiest game is to throw them one by one as far as you could. Once the person who could cross the other rubber band (with a hole/space crossing), he will win and take all the rubber bands. This is repeated until your opponent loses all his rubber bands. The harder part is to flick it with your fingers; under the same ruling, once the player's rubber band is able to cross the rubber bands flicked on the ground, he wins them all. It could be a size able win if you play it this way. Another way it to place an equal amount of rubber bands on another rubber band placed between two stick from a distance. Whoever can knock off the rubber bands from those placed in between the stick will take it all.

Sometimes in order for the rubber bands to be knocked off from the placement area, we would take a lot of rubber bands and tie them (in a co joined patterned arrangement) to knock off. This can only be done when you already have a lot more rubber bands and is normally played as a higher skill level - not normally played by novices. No matter how other boys play them rubber bands, we have always enjoyed and only known the way we play them. Rubber bands then costs 10 cents for a palm full!

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