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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Main Konda Kondi

There are a lot of version of playing this game. Different states or different town boys have their own set of ways to enjoy them with a different set of rules that goes along with it. We have always known our own way of playing 'Konda Kondi'; whether it is that way or not. There will be two teams, the offensive and the defensive team. We would need two sticks, one to flick and fling; the other smaller one. The long one, about 2 to 3 feet and the smaller one is about 4 to 6 inches. A small longitudinal hole is dug in the ground to place the smaller stick to be flicked and flung by the longer stick.

The offensive player will flick and fling the smaller one as far as he could. The other defensive player will try to throw the stick (from where it landed) back to the hole where the longer stick is now placed over the hole. If it hits the stick, the offensive player is 'out'; but if the smaller stick landed across the longer stick, the whole team is 'out'. We earn points by counting the number of times the longer stick to be measured to the smaller stick just thrown back. If after three times, the opponent cannot touch or reach the longer stick placed over the hole, we have a bonus try - by placing the smaller stick into the hole; half jutting out. Hitting one end, making it airborne and hitting it as far as we could; then we count the number of times the longer stick can be placed in succession until the small just being hit stick.

I have seen some other children played it differently from some other parts of town. Nevertheless, we have always hold on to our way of playing; as the right way of playing 'Konda Kondi'. If the stick brings you luck, it would normally be kept for the next game and after a few winning streaks, the stick would become sacred; where it is secretly and properly kept and maintained; and used over and over again until it brings bad luck (losing the game). We learned to play by passing the skill down generations to generations. Do they still play 'Konda Kondi' like us still? I have no idea. My children doesn't!

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