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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mat Shah and Kak Ain

There were like 40 of us who went to learn to read and understand the Al Quran at the 'surau' in front of my house. The 'surau' is built in the compound of 'Pak Cik Amin's' house. Our religious teacher was 'Lebai Awal' who alone teaches us how to read the 'Muqaddam' and the Al Quran and at the same time teaches us how to pray.

One evening, coming out of the religious session, Ajih Baroh asked us to come with him into the dark, at the back of the 'surau'. Hiding behind some bushes, among the dark, we saw Mat Shah waiting. Then came Kak Ain. Like a leopard to its prey, Mat Shah jumped on Kak Ain and they started smothering each other with kisses and hugs and holding tight to each other like there do not want to be separated anymore. Surprised as I was, we kept on watching the love birds kissing, pecking, feeling, touching and smothering everything else with each other not realising that we were watching them.

Since they have but a few minutes; as they must be home by then (especially Kak Ain - as Abod and Ayang are waiting for her), the 'wayang' was over. As soon as they left, we came out of the bushes and smile as satisfaction of watching something that we should not know in the first place. Until today, I have never talked about it and we have never even said anything of the 'secret' that we saw. Wonder where is Kak Ain now? I know Mat Shah is still in Senaling.

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GEREK ITU ALIA... said...

;) hahahahhaahah
Whohoooo....now i know the secret too...

uncle,abod was here..just now.i show her your blog...

abod's daughther