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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rambutan Kuning (Yellow Rambutan)

This 'rambutan' tree was planted by my grandfather when he first built the house. According to Kak Ngah he must have planted the tree in the early 50s. It is smack right in front of the house. It is big, sweet, juicy and yellow. According to the folks, this is of the best seedling and some called it 'rambutan gading'. Whatever it is, when it fruits, it fruits! There will be lots and lots of them hanging down from the branches. Sometimes it seems there are more fruits than there are leaves. When it starts to ripen, it will be an adventure to pluck and pick them.

On the chosen day to harvest, even the neighbours will join in. Nobody needed to climb it as the tree is large in size and it had grown too high. We were all equipped with a long bamboo stick with a small sickle attached tightly to the end; to cut off the fruit branches for picking. Large rattan bags are prepared to accommodate the 'rambutan' fruits. While plucking we will be eating them juciy 'rambutan' fruits. There will be tea and 'kuih' served and once it is all done, we will sit down eating the fruits and drinking water, eating the 'kuih' and drinking tea. Those who came will go back with large bags of the fruits to be eaten later or to be taken home for those at home to eat.

The 'rambutan' tree had now grown too big and too tall that it endangered the house, if the branches were to break and fall down onto the house. It was then time to cut it off. Some people were called in to take the 'rambutan' tree down. A few will climb up the tree and cut down the branches one by one, until all are cut down. Lastly came when the big large 'rambutan' tree will be chopped off from the compound. With sadness, we saw it being cut down, carted away and discarded. That was the end of the juicy, large and sweet 'rambutan gading' tree.

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