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Friday, May 16, 2008

I worked in Sri Jaya Bus Company

After failing through two 'further studies' interviews, I have to go to work as my parents needed help to sustain my 4 other younger sisters and 1 brother who are still in school. I was expected to contribute to the household, to ease my father's burden (the sole bread winner). My first job was at Kementerian Pelajaran. The office was next to the Stadium Negara. I was employed as a Temporary Coding Clerk earning RM5.00 per working day. For 1 week when I was there, everyday I sorted cyclostyled (printed) documents. The next week, through the labour office where I registered earlier, I got an interview - with Sri Jaya Bus Transport Company.

Besides personal and the normal 'what can you contribute' questions, I was asked to solve an oral mathematical problem; since the position in question is as an Accounts Clerk. The question was asked by Encik Hamdan, the Accountant. He asked, 'as fast as you can, what is the total if you add up 1 to 5?'. As fast as my brain works, 3 and 2 is 5, 1 and 4 is 5 and plus another 5 equals 15. He nodded with approval on the speed I answered the question. So I was employed; as a permanent staff, reporting to Sivam, with a starting pay of RM170.00 per month. But since I work with Sri Jaya Bus, I travelled free on all Sri Jaya Bus routes, except to Port Klang. Sri Jaya Bus Company (the big blue bus) was the premier in-town transportation; if not the only one. Their soccer team was in Div II and that time and I played for the team. The office was at the end of Jalan Sentul Sehaluan, in Sentul.

Everytime I take Sri Jaya Bus, I travel free. I felt grand about it as we carry the Company's Staff Bus Pass with my photo on it. However, being an MCE 2nd grader (which I am expected to get a better job), the lure to the banking industry was great. They pay good money, not to mention the overtime payments; which are normally twice than the monthly pay. So I prepared my letters, open up the Yellow Pages and wrote to 10 banks (local and foreign).

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