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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nak Masuk ITM - Part IIa (Application into ITM)

No matter how much I wonder why Encik Salleh Majid changed his mind; I couldn't care less. I am now studying in ITM pursuing my Diploma in Banking Studies. Encik Salleh Majid left ITM in 1977 itself before I had the chance to meet and to thank him for all that he had done for me!

When I had the courage, I went over to the office to see Kak Azizah (who was still a Steno, this time to Encik Amir Zainol Abidin - the then Head of School, School of Business Management) and asked if she remembered me and what actually happened. She said, "Of course I remember you! When you called, Encik Salleh was in a bad mood and had other serious problems on his head. You called at the wrong time; he took it out on you. Sorry laah ... but that was it! Forget it laah!" She continued, later that day, Encik Salleh asked for your name to be checked again and said, "that this boy looks very interested and determined to study, even though he is already working; lets take him in, after all he may have a scholarship from Maybank". She added, that "Encik Salleh even went to the Registrar's office to make sure that you are in the 2nd intake list".

I graduated from ITM with a Diploma in Banking Studies in May 1980 and continued my studies in the United States for my Bachelors and Masters degrees. I graduated B. Sc in Business Administration (Financial Accounting) and an MBA (Accounting) both from University of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut, USA.

My wife was lecturing at ITM, after she graduated from the United States. One evening, she was invited to Puan Zulaiha's house for a small gathering among the School of Business lecturers and hey presto ... Encik Salleh Majid was there. I called him aside, introduced myself and told him the story of 'how he helped me got into ITM' and then held my hands out and said, "I want to shake your hands and thank you for all that". He shaked with me, smiled and said, "you really wanted to enter ITM, so I realised that and gave you that chance. And for that I am glad, now that you have achieved not only your Diploma in ITM but a B.Sc and an MBA from US".

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