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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Berkhatan (Circumcision)

On completion (berkhatam) of the learning and understanding of the Al'Quran and after the berkhatam feast, it was time to go to the hospital. There were choices to choose; either you 'do it' at home, to be done by the 'Tok Mudim' or you 'do it' at the hospital. I choose to get it done at the hospital; after I have seen how it was done at home!

For those that chosen to 'do it' at home (which is normally done in pairs or more); from the early morning they would be sent to the shallow well to be 'numbed', as the water in the shallow well is cold. They would submerged themselves in the shallow well for at least 5 hours, to ensure that 'it' is numbed and as such will not feel the pain. In the afternoon when the 'Tok Mudim' arrive at the house, the boys will be carried to the house and placed in front of the 'Tok Mudim' to 'get it done'. Often than not, you will hear the boys screaming in pain; as it is done without any anesthetics, except getting it numbed earlier in the shallow well. Learning from this experience that I chose to 'get it done' at the hospital.

As for me, I was sent to the hospital early in the morning. After all the necessities and logistics were done I was sent into the 'operating theatre'. Scared as I can be, the doctor assured me that it is not going to be painful at all; however, if I am still scared, I may chant the verses from the Al'Quran so that I will be protected at all times during the 'operation'. I did just that. But when the needle (for the anesthetics) pierced 'it' I could have screamed and sworn that it went through. I could also feel the 'cutting of the flesh', however due to the anesthetics, I felt no pain. Once it was done, surprisingly I could walk to the car on my own and still not felt a thing!

As soon as we reached home, still have not taken the pain killer; the pain started to set in. I felt the excruciating pain on both the knees and all over the whole body. I was advised to eat something and swallow the pain killer. As soon as the pain killer takes effect, the pain was gone. The only pain I felt was that; which I felt is a whole lot better than going through the process of circumcision at home. Two weeks after the 'operation', I could get up and run! All Muslims have to go through this process, as required by the religion. It is anyway, excellent for health purposes.

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