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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ambik Pencen (Collect Monthly Pension)

My grandfather, Atok Usop's pension is normally paid on the 11th of each month. According to stories, he was in the armoury division of the Army; even though he was a Singaporean citizen. Apparently he enjoyed his pension benefit longer than he had worked in the Army, as he lived to a ripe old age of 102. Calculating backwards, he most probably had worked for 30 years or so, but enjoyed his pension benefit for over 40 years or so.

In the morning, Haji Maadin will pick us up from the house and we will drive to Post Office Kuala Pilah to pick up their money. After waiting for a few minutes, when his name is being called, he will collect and sign for his monthly pension of RM87.78. Then we will all adjourned to Kedai Ali (a mamak shop) in Kuala Pilah and order our usual 'roti canai' with chicken kurma gravy. It was one of the special times especially the good food that I look forward to eat every month; but will enjoy ti only when he goes to pick up his monthly pension. And Haji Maadin, who also pick up his pension will normally go with him. Sometimes he would also take his grandson, Nasir, along. We normally go to Kuala Pilah in his black Austin Minor.

The 11th also marked the time when I will pay my monthly school fees of RM7.50 to my form teacher, Mr Ganeson (Form 1). As school fees collection was something difficult to do collecting from the 'kampong folks' those day; it was actually mentioned at the assembly once that our Form 1A is always the first to have monthly school fees collected from all students - normally by the 11th (you know who pays last). The school fees of RM7.50 per month was once the hindrance for the 'kampong folks' to send their children to English School.

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