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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mr Appukutan & Negara Ku

We were in Standard 6 at Tunku Munawir School when one of our teacher was ill and there was no other replacement teachers to teach us. In came the Headmaster, Mr Appukutan. With his dark fierce look and a wrestler's body, he is one scary Headmaster. No one dared to look him directly into his eyes, not even while greeting him. As he was not sure of what to teach or do, he requested us to sing the Negara Ku (National Anthem). Scary as we were, even though you could sing it, no words came out of our mouth. This made him angry and accused us all of not knowing the words of the Negara Ku. In his angry state, steam coming out of his ears he asked all of us to write the full Negara Ku (including the title) 50 times and send it to him when done; within 1 week.

I went back with all the worries in my heart. Can I write 50 pieces of Negara Ku within a week? It has to be done. You bet I did. I got all 50 pieces of Negara Ku written on 50 pages of white papers. A week passed; two, three weeks passed; but Mr Appukutan never came back to collect any of the 50 pieces of Negara Ku from any of us. By then he must have forgotten about it.

BUT we have got it all done! All 50 pieces of Negara Ku written neatly on 50 pages of white papers, each titled as required.

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