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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nak Masuk ITM - Part IIb (Application into ITM)

I was working in Maybank London and the year was 1990. I decided to take the bus home from my office in Moorgate and wishes to window shop in Oxford Street. As I arrived in front of Selfridges, I jumped down from the London Double-Decker bus. As I landed on the streets, I saw Encik Salleh Majid coming out of the Mothercare Boutique. I went over to him and greeted him; and he remembered me! After saying our hello and small talks, he told me he is on a course in London and that he wanted to buy things from Mothercare Boutique for his children, but the store does not accept any Credit Cards; but only cash and Mothercare Boutique Cards. And he seldom carry that much cash on him.

I happened to have a Mothercare Boutique Card and offered to 'sign' for him so that he could buy and take home to Malaysia the things that he wanted to buy from Mothercare Boutique. We went back inside Mothercare Boutique - he selected the things and I paid the bill with my Mothercare Boutique Card. He thank me and said that he will send me a draft to the amount when he is back in Malaysia.

Would I think twice of 'signing' the bills for him? For what he has done for me? I would not blink an eye to help him! Nevertheless, a week later, I got his 'bank draft' for the amount paid to Mothercare Boutique. What goes around, comes around! It is a very very small and a very very round world!

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