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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ulong Bakar (Buta)

There is this blind man, we called him Ulong Bakar Buto (I never knew his real name), who lives with Pak Teh Amin across the house where I lived. He is blind, but independent, cooks himself, bathe (from the deep well) and pray on his own; even going to the shop; which is about 500 metres away - on his own; using his cane for guide. Everybody knows him and I often visit him!

He was trained by the Welfare Department to make rattan products. He was good with it. The rattan materials were supplied by the Welfare Department and all finished goods done by him are also bought back by the Welfare Department for sale. Mostly he makes 'pungkis' and other small rattan products (which is now very very expensive). Every time whenever there is a delivery of his rattan materials, we will all pitch in to help carry the goods into his house and stock it up and arranged for him so that he knows where to get it from. We will also be available to help him carry all the finished goods from his house to the truck that comes to collect them. With that trade, he earned a decent living independently.

Someone arranged for his marriage one day; to a divorcee in Ulu Senaling. It was a simple ceremony, but a joyous one for him; as someone is now at hand to assist him. They never bear any children, but they lived a good and comfortable life. They lived happily ever after until his death; at a young age, a few years later.

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