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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alang Udin and his Saddleking Jeans

Long before Lee, LEVIS and the rest of the designer pants came to Malaysia, I only knew this 'expensive' pants called Saddleking. Alang Udin (Shaharuddin) was in Form 5 (1967) at that time and like all other youngsters now, he craved and wishes to wear this 'Saddleking Jeans'. He took up the job of clearing people's rubber plantation from bushes and other unwanted growings in the plantation. If I can remember, he got paid like RM5.00 for a day's job. Meanwhile, he talks about buying this 'Saddleking Jeans' all the time.

We he have enough money, he ordered by mail, the small patterned LEE scarf. Saw him used it all the time and when not using he would slip it behind his pants, ensuring that it protrudes out so that others may see his LEE scarf. It costs him RM5.00 for it, then. As soon as he did more clearing jobs and as soon as he have enough money, he ordered his 'Saddleking Jeans'. As proud as he can be, when it arrived, he wore his priced possession almost everyday. This tight, hugging 'Saddleking Jeans' was something that awed everyone looking at it.

That was the only designer jeans; tight, hugging Saddleking; that I know of then. Of course, thereafter came LEVIS, AMCO, LEE, VERSACHE, DIOR and everything else.

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