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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Atok Usop Kena Loteri (Granpa Usop Strike Lottery)

In order to raise money to fund the expenses for maintaining community services in the country, the Government Department responsible for the community used to organise monthly nationwide Lottery draws. The lottery tickets were sold at RM1.00 each and the 1st prize was RM300,000.00 then; drawn monthly. My grandfather used to buy those lottery tickets, hoping to strike it and be an instant rich man. At that time, his pension was RM87.78 per month. He normally spent RM10.00 per month for lottery. The results are published in the newspapers the day after the draw.

One afternoon, he requested me to go to the shop to purchase newspapers as the lottery draw was yesterday. He wants to check if he would be lucky this time around. Took the money and off I went. On the way to the shop, I prayed that he would strike this time, since he had tried so many times before. Since I did not know any praying words then, while walking to the shop, I replicate the daily praying ways from 'takbiratulihram' until 'salaam', chanting in my heart all the 'ayats' and the complete praying procedure including the 'rukuk' and the 'sujuds'. By the time I reached the new stand, I have completed the whole praying procedure for 4 'rakaats'.

What did you know, he strike RM10,000.00! He took it calmly and only smiled. I did not know whether my replicating the praying helped him win the lottery or not. I have never told a soul about it; until now! Winnings can be picked up from any Bank in town. We went to UMBC, Kuala Pilah with a small bag to stash the money and a small 'parang' in the bag; in case of any trouble. However, we were only allowed RM1,000.00 to claim first and the rest have to be claimed when the winning Lottery ticket have been claimed from the Lottery organiser.

It was with that winning money; we went to visit his long lost relative to Kuala Lipis (that's another story) and he also bought the small rubber plantation in Bemban for RM3,750.00 from Haji Habib's father. The rubber plantation where I learned to replant, bud graft, tap and earn money from. The rubber plantation was given to my Kak Ngah Zainab and it is still there!


Mazni said...

I really love and often visited your blog once in a while when i feel sleepy in the office... reading all of this your childhood story;smile or controlling my big laugh until my sleepiness has gone and back to work!!
It is amazing, funny and at the same time really touching my heart reading it. From my reading I'm pretty sure you're much more older than me but being a poor girl living in a small kampung your story and mine have a lots in commoon.
I didn't finish it all yet, just reading one story ot two in between my busy schedule. I really admire the way you adapt all of ur childhood story into one good cerita lama like this. Thank you very much in sharing it... you has bring back my old memories back to me while I'm actually far away from Malaysia...

Shazly Kamarulzaman Habib said...

Congrats!! very nice blog. mungkin Haji Habib tu datuk saya!!