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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Penyanyi Pujaan Minggu Ini (Weekly Top Songs)

In the 1960s during the height of the 'Pop Yeah Yeah' era, we have always followed the top songs on the radio. We have this small radio at home and the Weekly top songs are aired at noon every Sunday. By 12:00 noon, we will all gather around the radio to hear what will be the top song of the week. It was during the A Rahman Hassan, Jefridin, A Ramli, SM Salim, Siglap Five, Rythm Boys, Afida S, Fatimah M Amin, Rafeah Buang, Ahmad Jais, Ahmad Daud and the rest of the 'Pop Yeah Yeah' singers' era. Most of these singers were from Singapore. Most of them have since migrated to Malaysia and lived here.

While listening to the program, we will predict of who would be top this week. Each one had their own favourite. However, as the program progress along to the top, we would know by then which singer and song would be top that week. Around the small radio, live was enchanting and the excitement was awesome. Sometimes, we have tea or coffee with tapioca with sugar coconut or other 'kueh' to accompany us along the program; which is for one hour.

Now those songs are oldies. Nevertheless, you still hear them on the radio, especially on 'Klassik Nasional'. You may now download the old 'Pop Yeah Yeah' songs on the 'file sharing' program.


MIA said...

Very interesting indeed, your recollection of the 1960s, especially my radio programme, PPMI.

Thank you so much.

Warm regards,
Deejay, PPMI, Radio Singapore,



Yes, of course I remember you. I listened (we, the whole kampong family) to you every week on your PPMI program.

It was during the weeks when "Tak Mengapa" by A Rahman Hassan was tops (for a few weeks).

Thanx for your comments.

My email address is :: azizmala@unifi.my :: if you want to communicate further !!!

Haji Abdul Aziz Masod

Anonymous said...

I would like to suggest that Radio Klasik RTM create back the nostalgic moment through programme like PPMI(Penyanyi/Lagu Pujaan Minggu ini. I feel many 60's song fan would agree to have back this programme weekly. Fans can vote through sms their favourite song or singer.

If budget concern maybe this programme can bring sponsors for RTM.