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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Main Layang-Layang (Kite Flying)

Among all the many games that we play in the 'kampong', kite flying is one of those enjoyable one done together. We need the equipment to fly kites. We buy simple paper kites from the shop in the village. They cost RM0.10 sen each. You also need strings to fly the kite. Either you buy the thread from the shop or you just 'use' the ones that you can find in the sewing machine at home! The thread is rolled onto a milk can. You must first balance your kite, in order for it to fly and stay on course, not diving left or right. We cut old newspapers; cut them into 1 inch width long streaks (2 feet) and attached them to the right and left edge of the kite.

Tying the kite at an angle on the main backbone, we hold the kite up after we have attached the newspaper streaks to each sides. The kite must balance; if not we have to add or deduct the amount of newspaper streaks from either sides. Once it is 'balanced' and attached to the threads (strings), the kite is now ready to be airborne. With friends who have one each; balanced and threaded kite, we go to the 'padi fields' to fly our kites. There are no trees nor bushes to be a hindrance to our kite flying. There are a lot more 'winds' in the open 'padi fields' anyway.

When we get tired running and enjoying ourselves in the 'padi fields' flying our kites, we would normally go to this particular 'island' in the 'padi fields' to rest, drink some water or take a nap. We would spend hours out in the hot sun flying our kites; going back only when it is getting dark.

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