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Monday, June 2, 2008

I Ran Away (1st of 3 times)

Right after Form 1 at TMS Kuala Pilah, in January 1969, I was moved to my parents house in the Police Quarters in Jalam Aman (the quarters still stand until today). Our house address was 3945-8, Barrack Polis Jalan Aman. I was enrolled at nearest school, Ampang Road Boys School, which is approximately 1 km from the house. We walk to school everyday with RM0.10 sen in the pocket. I enrolled in Form 2 and also finished Form 3 at the school. Took my Lower Certificate of Education (LCE) examination there. A teenager going through a new ways, with new environment - an entirely new life to live. Getting used to living with my parents for the first time was tough, real tough. And I could not get used to it!

After the LCE exam I decided to go back to Kampong Senaling to spent my year end holidays there. My mother was not agreeable to the arrangements, however as I was adamant on going back to my roots, she relented. I was 'running away' from the new unused life. Got RM3.00 for bus fares, caught the 'bas loncat' and headed for 'home'!

I went back to my old 'kampong jobs' - bud grafting rubber trees, collecting scrapped rubber, clearing rubber plantation, serving the padi fields, and done other tasks when required. Not much money earned, but I managed by fine. Most of the time, I was helping Abah Rahman preparing other rubber small holders plantation for replanting, bud grafting rubber trees and doing other 'kampong jobs' whenever it comes or when my skills are required; which are mostly manual labour with some special required skills, especially bud grafting. I was having a wonderful life and have forgotten about the Kuala Lumpur glittering life.

One day, came my father and my grandfather visiting. The kind that says - you have to come home now! Being an obedient child, I packed my bags and followed my father home back to Kuala Lumpur. Talked about perfect timing, the LCE results were announced the very next day after I arrived. I got Grade A with 22 aggregates. Not superb, but good enough to walk tall and got promoted to Form 4. Those who failed LCE then do not have the chance to continue into Form 4 unless you repeat From 3 again.

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