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Monday, June 2, 2008

I Ran Away (the 3rd Time)

After the MCE results were announced, I did applied to further my studies. I applied to ITM, UTM and UPM. I got an interview to do Diploma in Architecture in ITM and I was accepted to be on reserved list for UTM. Never got to enter either of the colleges. The next best alternative; and as I have to help support my other sisters and brother who are still schooling, I had to go to work. I worked in Ministry of Education as a temporary Coding Clerk, in Sri Jaya Bus Company as an Accounts Clerk and lastly achieved my dream of working in the Bank. I spent 1 week working in Banque de L'Indochine et de Suez Indosuez before I took the job in Malayan Banking. My father was a 'Special Branch' still with the Police Force.

Even though I was already working, the years then was the times when drugs menace were first introduced; I was subject to 'spread eagle' whenever I came home from work. At most times, I purposely spent my evenings in the office so as to avoid being 'searched' when I came home. Planning an escape, I requested for a transfer to Sea Park Branch. Got the transfer and left home. My mother, knowing I was leaving home again was visibly very upset on my action. I ran away again! Shared a house with some friends in SS2 (near my office) and lived there a few months before I went to ITM to further my studies - on my own. Even though I had ran away from home, my father was always seen around me (purposely making sure I noticed him), but not meeting me. I would see him walking passed by me as if he just happened to be there!

Shared a room with Najib (passed away), sharing the house together with Ibrahim, Fajariah, Jay and her sister Maliah (passed away) and Hasmah (who married Joe Tore). Lived a bachelor's life without a worry in the world. It was at No. 55 Jalan SS 2/10. This was in 1977. It was while working in Sea Park Branch that I managed to get Malayan Banking's scholarship to further my studies at ITM Shah Alam (I had to go through some problems getting the scholarship). Nevertheless, from the rented house In SS2, I moved to the Hostel in ITM Shah Alam on my own, without my family knowing that I have left work and studying.

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Anonymous said...

Tok, I hardly had time to check out my blogsite but must see yours first. I must say that it is so beautiful and your written piece were so good. I understood what you wrote but what is spread eagle? I used to fly kites with the boys in my neighbourhood when young but never met you. I did not know that you were such a good runner and so handsome with a picture down there.

Now you told me that if you could, you would have been rich. I think all those rich men who became kaya would have got a ride on someone else's money which is a fact of life. By working at our desks, we cannot be millionaires unless we hit 4D. So in your heart you know that you were honest and these are the values our parents would have wanted to teach us about. Cheers!