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Monday, April 27, 2009

Spider Hunting

Besides the spiders that reside in our ceilings or places in the house or barns that we seldom walk into, the only other spider that I have known is the one that catch in the bushes, keep them in match boxes and sometimes make them fight each other.

These spiders are normally found in between leaves in the bushes. They can be found in plants which leaves are as big as our palms. When you see two leaves sticking to one another; and there is some web in between the leaves, surely there will always be a spider residing there. We would cut off both leaves, slowly open it up and capture the small spider. We put them spiders in match boxers normally together with small cuts of the leaves where they were captured. This is to make sure that they feel at home, even though they are in kept in match boxers.

We sometimes fight them, same principle as the fighting fish. They would open up their small fangs (just like crabs) and fight their hearts out. The ones that kept running away is the losing ones. The winner, as usual, will stand tall until his spider is beaten by another. Meanwhile, the spiders will live in the match boxers; with the green leaves that we have kept them with. At times they may just die away.

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