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Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie at the School Padang

As featured by LAT (the famous cartoonist) in newspapers and books, I was one of those that experience the movies at the school padang. In the late afternoon, the Kementerian Penerangan land rover will pass our house announcing through his loud speakers that there will be free movie at the school padang that night. The school in Senaling would be the Sekolah Kebangsaan Senaling in Bemban.

When the next Kementerian Penerangan van reaches the school padang, we boys and girls will gather there earlier to watch them set up the big screen, the projectors and the power source (normally from a generator). Before we go home for a bath and dinner (to go to the movies tonight), we would have already booked our space in front of the high large screen; but sometimes someone have to stand by at the space to make sure that nobody else claim it. When we come back for the movies that night, our premium spaces are assured.

Most of us will squat or sit on our mats or small chairs that we brought along. Most others will stand to watch the movies. Of course, in between movie, as depicted by LAT, there will be an announcements or statements for the village folks to hear and know direct from the Kementerian Penerangan. It is an excellent way of reaching to the village folks - for things that you want them to hear and know. But, we naughty boys, instead of watching the movies, have other exciting plans. With a torch lights in our hands, we would torch at the squatting girls and peek to their undies. Maybe a cheap thrill, but not to us; but that was then.

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