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Friday, February 13, 2009

Detention Class

There was this one prefect, a from 3 fierce no nonsense short very unfriendly prefect; his name was, Haridas, I think. Most students are worried of being picked by this particular prefect, for he has no mercy and would not listen to any of your explanation to get off from whatever wrong he 'thought' that you have done. At that time the rule was - nobody should ride their bicycle in the school compound. Some friends and me were pushing the bicycle along the school building; and at one point we stopped. All of us got on the seat, just to rest our butts on the bicycles. Out of nowhere, came this Haridas and took all our names down - offence - riding the bicycle in the school compound. Much as we tried to explain to him, he just walked away.

So, the whole group (5 or us) were sent for 'detention class' which was held the next Saturday. The detention class was managed by the prefects, the head was then David. We were asked to do silly things on the field, run here, run there. Came back to the building, clean this, clean that and a host of other silly things that we have to go through, as the sentence to the offence and being sent to detention class. At the end of the session; which was for about 4 hours; our names were called one by one. And all our names (the 5 of us) were not in the list. Nevertheless, the detention class have already been served.

Since our names were not in the list the last week, we had to undergo the detention class again the next week. During that time, nobody would listen to your appeal, neither would they be compassion enough to listen to you. The prefects were king then; and that's why Haridas acted the way he was then! All 5 of us had to go through the detention class again the next week, albeit not that much work forced on us; since some prefects (who happened to have compassion then) knew that we had undergone the same thing last week.

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